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How to know which copier plan to choose

The best copier plans are always based on honesty and a great account manager. Finding either in the photocopier world can be hard. We have put together an amazing team who is both honest and skill. When your copier breaks down and urgent times arise you will need a great account manager who can help you navigate the device back to health.

There is nothing worse in any financial transaction than having being ripped off. The copier industry is well known to have had its issues. With many shark type salespeople, you really need to go to a brand you can trust. Such deals usually include paying to much per copy for each page printed or a rental agreement that does not work in your favor.

Buying outright or entering a lease agreement is a serious commitment. We understand that sometimes the choice is not always easy and there can be many questions about which deal will best suit your business needs.

How to ensure your business acquires a great copier

Photocopiers at the best of times are not the most exciting subject in the world. However, saving money and not getting stuck with a faulty device is a much more easy topic to talk about. Second hand or discontinued models are often sold as brand new.

So how do you protect your business? Simple we will do a side by side comparison for any business in the market. Our best customers have often come from deals where they genuinely thought they were investing in a brand new machine. To only find out later that the photocopier was a second-hand re-furbished device.

A copier will last roughly 3-5 years without needing refurbishment. If you have received a second-hand copier you gotta hope it is not older than seven years. Once the photocopier is older than that generally they will nothing but problems and headaches.

How to speak to a photocopier salesman

Although we have mentioned not all sales reps are honest in the photocopier world, we would also like to say there are some genuine honest people within the industry. Finding a great rep is hard. Even harder finding an honest one. So even if you are able to source a better quote we believe there is a point in deals where cheap can be a bad thing. Look for high-quality equipment and an experienced team. If your current agreement is faultless, the service, the gear, and the account manager. Do not go out and try to source a cheaper quote for $25 a month.

Our expert team will all witness that quality is required within any equipment you need to use within the office. A copier can cost up to $10,000-120,00 dollars why to take the risk for a few little dollars. Find the highest quality you can afford, then watch your staff be grateful and appreciate having a device that does not cause them issues.