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Photocopier Lease Advice

If your looking for amazing lease advice on a photocopier in Sydney look no further. We have been providing lease advice for over 25 years across two generations. We have exceled at providing leasing options to the largest law firms, accounting firms and large business practices across the world.

What makes a deal great!!?

A great deal has 2 main components. A deal that provides you with a great machine. A deal that provides you with a great service and maintanence agreement. In finding the best plan we highly recommend getting several quotes and sticking with the best financial option. Most machines nowadays are all roughly similar in quality.

How can i find a great dealer?

A great dealer will not lie to you. They will give you several options with there recommendations. They will answer all your questions. They will be their to help every step of descision making process. When in doubt always seek independant advice.

Photocopiers second hand

Second hand photocopiers can be an absolute nightmare. Generally their is a reason someone has sold there machine early. What we experience is you pay 20% less but inherit 100% of the problems.

Some of the largest companies in the world pay up to 70% more than is required in document and photocopier solution.

We can provide advice and machinery that will see your document solutions bill reduced from 20%-70%. In finding the right solutions for your organisation it is extremely important to be aware of what your contract says. Photocopier contracts can rise up 20% in cost per year. A good rate is 5% increase per year on lease. However the higher end is compunding increases and your bill can literally blow out to over 220% more over a five year period than what you originally signed up for. It is extremely important to read the fine print.

Environmental Friendly Machines

Photocopiers are notouriously renowned for being extremely toxic to the environment it is extremely important to consider your environment in your choice of machine, as generally most machines are close in price and it is servicng contract that is the expensive component for large organisations.